Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2016 Annual Report - Digital Edition - Now Available!

“Creating shareholder value is a driving force for our Company and the true measure of our success. To accomplish that objective, our Company regularly updates and follows our Strategic Plan to help meet our overar­ching goals. Without that compass to direct us, and without our capable leaders’ steady guidance, we would simply be another banking company plodding along where the economy takes us.

“Instead, we plot our own course, we update that course as needed, we ensure that we have the best leaders in the correct positions to help us get where we’re going, and we have a definitive destination in mind.

“In 2016 we crafted an entirely new Strategic Plan for 2017-2019 to update our prior three-year plan. The new Plan states that our goal is a superi­or return on equity compared to our peers. Before turning the page to 2017, we also completed our annual budget, did a health-check on the capacity of our leaders and systems, and analyzed our financial report­ing, operating and competitive landscape.”

– Michael G. Sanchez, Chairman & CEO, Coastal Banking Co., Inc.

Read more in the Letter to Shareholders, and see our financial highlights for the year, in the 2016 Coastal Banking Co., Inc., annual report, now available in digital version at http://www.coastalbanking.com/